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A Message from our Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to our term 4 newsletter. As ever, it has been a busy term and there is much to celebrate and so I hope that this newsletter gives you a taste of some of the great things that have been achieved.

My favourite part of each week is the empathic assembly where students reflect on their week, celebrate their achievements and consider whether they have earned a place on the Friday trip. They are supported in this reflection by their peers and the staff and it is great to see them listening to each other and developing their understanding of how their actions may be viewed by others.

Over the term I have had a steady stream of students bringing me examples of their personal best work and I have been able to give out plenty of Headteacher Awards. It is so positive to be able to talk to students about why the work is their personal best, listen to them explain the effort that they have put in to the work and see them take pride in their learning.

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