Welcome Back Letter

4 January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We very much hope you have been able to enjoy the Christmas holiday, although we understand that, for all of us, it will have had its challenges this year.

We are looking forward to welcoming pupils back on the 5th January and, as ever, will be aiming to provide them with as much regularity as possible in their daily routines.

I know we all share concerns about the pandemic, fuelled by all that we see and hear in the press. We want to assure you that we will continue to put all practicable safety measures in place at school, while continuing to follow the government directive to remain open to pupils with EHCPs from the start of the term.

Of course, we need to ensure that the school operates safely in all ways, not just related to the transmission of Covid-19. I’m sure you will understand that staffing may be difficult at times, particularly when the need for staff to isolate arises. This may lead to occasions where some students are taught remotely at home for a few days if we do not have enough staff to operate safely in school. At the current time, we have enough staff to welcome back all pupils safely and all staff have been and will continue to be tested regularly, in accordance with government guidance.

We will be taking the additional measure of implementing lateral flow testing for students from the 5th January. We are now fully equipped and ready to carry this out. It is important that we receive parental consent for any tests performed on students. Tutor teams will be in contact to obtain this. The results of these tests will be available within an hour of administration. As always, we welcome feedback and communication from all parents about any concerns you may have. Thank you also for the many positive comments you make to staff in acknowledging the very hard work they have continued to do throughout this challenging time.

Best Wishes,

Andy Gowell
Head of School

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