Science should be fun and at North Star 240° we deliver this experience through our topics and with investigation tasks.


Science in KS4 is intended to be accessible to a wide range of learners of all abilities. Learners can develop a more ‘hands on’ approach to their learning and gain practical skills, knowledge and understanding in the three science areas of biology, chemistry and physics.


How does the course work?


The coursework requires practical investigations in biology, physics and chemistry topics and these make up 50% of the final mark. 


There are only three short exams in biology, chemistry and physics that make up 50% of the final grade.

What topics are covered?


Cells, using microscopes, digestion. Investigating different foods for how much energy they contain. Researching how the bodies heart and circulation system works. Investigating how the body fight disease and infection


Testing different acids and alkalis, testing what makes chemical reactions get hot and cold, testing how reactions speed up or slow down. Investigating how much energy is contained in different fuels. Investigating how to make clean water. 


Investigating different forces, what makes objects speed up or slow down. Investigating energy transfers from different objects. Researching the uses and environmental concerns of different energy resources. Researching the effect of radioactivity on the environment.

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