For additional support, NS240° has extended learning sessions after school and one to one support during the day.

GCSE English Language Board
AQA Code – 8700

Course Assessment

There are two formal examinations worth 100% at the end of the course. AQA has developed two equally-balanced papers, each assessing reading and writing in an integrated way. The first exam is focused on fiction whilst the second explores non-fiction articles. The final grade is awarded for students’ performance in the examinations.

Course Content

This English Language specification is designed to inspire and motivate students, providing appropriate stretch and challenge, whilst ensuring that the assessment and texts are accessible to all students. Students will develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts and write clearly.

What will students study on this course?

Students will explore creative reading and writing and writers’ viewpoints and perspectives. In order to gain accreditation, they will be required to complete both papers. 

Where can students receive help?

Children will sit a test at the end of each half term (6 across the year) to find out if they have fully learned what was taught that term.  In term 6, students will sit the end of year test which covers everything they have learned that year.

For more information contact: meghan.hennessey@northstar-academy.co.uk

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