The ICT curriculum at North Star 240° is designed around the futures of our learners.

Computing Curriculum at North Star 240°

The ICT curriculum at North Star 240° is designed around the futures of our learners. It is vitally important for us to mirror society and therefore develop innovative curriculum ideas in order to engage our learners to achieve successful outcomes.

Our computing curriculum at North Star 240° can be divided into 7 inter-related strands.   

Using the Internet

The internet is at the core of our lives and, therefore, it is of paramount importance that our pupils develop the skills in which to use this safely, effectively and appropriately. Our learners will understand the real-world applications of the internet, and the ability to apply this to everyday life and tasks that they may be given in future education and employment.

Using a Computer

The computer is a device that has had a decrease in use over the last few decades due to the development of mobile phone technology. However, having the ability to use a computer is still extremely important. For our learners, it is vitally important for us to equip them with, at least, the basic skills in order to competently and independently complete tasks. This reflects our learner’s next steps in their lives. Pupils will engage with activities in which they will learn the components of computers and also activities in which they will develop their skills when on a computer.

Communicating and Collaborating Online

We have never been in an era in which having the ability to communicate and collaborate online has been so important in our lives. From being able to message a friend or video call them, to being able to complete projects collaboratively with someone else around the world. At North Star 240, we learn the fundamentals in which this can be achieved effectively, appropriately and safely.

Creating and Publishing

One of the most important aspects of the curriculum is for our learners to be creative with technology and explore its potential. The curriculum is solely designed around our learner’s futures. Therefore it is fundamental that they are given real-world tasks to complete and explore. From designing a presentation about themselves, to being able to set up a spreadsheet for finances and designing a website for a new business, our learners will explore a broad curriculum with opportunities for them to create and inspire.

Digital Media

In the ever-growing world of technology, it is important for our pupils to develop skills that they can apply to their real-world situations. Therefore, At North Star 240°, we give our learners the opportunity to explore photo manipulation software. This is applicable to all our learner’s lives. Whether our learners are keen on magazines, posters or gaming, this can be applied to all. There are also opportunities for pupils to engage with video editing software.

Modelling and Simulations

Reflecting society is at the heart of the curriculum and being able to demonstrate the key skills that will enable our learners to be successful after North Star 240° is our aim. Throughout the curriculum, our learners will be given tasks; just as they would in real life situations to prepare them for future education and employment.

Using Data

Having the ability to use data effectively is a really difficult skill. Our lives are driven by numbers so we give our learners the ability to use software that they may need to use when they leave North Star 240°. The skills they will develop over their time at this school will enable them to competently and confidently apply this to future education, employment and daily life.

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