Construction Curriculum Statement

Construction Curriculum Statements

At North Star 240°, we celebrate achievement through Construction. Students are taught a wide range of skills in Carpentry, Bricklaying, Painting & Decorating and Motor Vehicle Mechanics to explore their personal interests and offer practical experience.


The construction department offers students the opportunity to:

  • Explore a broad range of practical projects, learning skills in each such as measuring and marking, joining timber, tool mastery, preparing cement and building a wall from brick, handling and using paints and identifying vehicle engine components;
  • Discover creative and ingenious ways to learn about construction through hands on, practical projects;
  • Build in a mentality of safety through safe practices and the informed use of personal protective equipment;         
  • Build confidence through adapting and learning how to overcome barriers and find alternative methods to achieve success;
  • Acquire knowledge and experience which will connect to and inform post 16 and career visions and options;
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills through developing technique and having the opportunity to practice them;
  • Recognise personal success through thorough reflection and robust feedback;
  • Achieve a NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Occupational Studies for the Workplace.


  • Lessons are delivered by teachers experienced teaching staff with a relevant skill set in the construction field, in a fully equipped and safe workspace.
  • Achievement will be recognised with regular ‘spot’ appraisal, celebration of personal best class displays and head teacher awards being given for exceptional achievement.
  • Termly planning will be differentiated based on individual student need and will incorporate cultural capital aspects such as field trips to local businesses, construction industry industries and places of particular interest and relevance to the construction industry.
  • An enrichment offer will be made to KS3 students with a potential interest in construction to provide insight and experience in a variety of aspects through brief projects and small group sessions.
  • Health and safety will be incorporated throughout all practice to ensure both staff and students are safe at all times.
  • Lessons objectives will be made clear and key performance indicators will be used to recognise progress.
  • Students will work throughout years 10 and 11 to produce a comprehensive portfolio of evidence through worksheets, glossaries and annotated photographs of them demonstrating a variety of skills in each module.
  • Feedback and assessment at the end of each trade unit will allow students to reflect on overall progress and will inform future planning and personalisation.


Students will:

  • Be confident and motivated with the ability to reflect and adapt to barriers and challenges in the construction field;
  • Possess a wide range of skills, abilities and knowledge of construction, better equipping them to make informed choices post 16;
  • Fine and gross motor skills will be substantially improved;
  • Core skills and techniques in a wide range of construction activities will be improved;
  • Students will achieve a NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Occupational Studies for the Workplace;
  • Future and career pathways will be more clearly defined, supported by a practical knowledge of what to expect post 16.
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