Art Curriculum Statement

At North Star 240°, we celebrate individuality through art and design. Students are provided with a
wide range of creative and stimulating opportunities to explore their personal interests, meet
sensory needs and develop fine motor skills.


As an art department, we intend to embed the following opportunities into the curriculum:

  • Explore a variety of art subject areas and skills such as textile design, three-dimensional
    design, painting, collage and print;
  • Discover imaginative and innovative ways of working and understanding media, materials
    and technology through overcoming set challenges. Students will become reflective learners who question processes, materials and the world around them;
  • Develop transferable employability skills such as communication, creative thinking, problem solving, and self-management;
  • Explore sensory specific art activities such as touch, sight, sound, smell and taste along with
    refining fine motor skills developing control in areas such as the hands and fingers.
    Students recognise and celebrate personal achievements and develop a passion for art and
    design and its use to communicate emotion and interests.

• Lessons are delivered by teachers who support learners through differentiated techniques in
discovery and reflection. Through providing opportunities to explore materials and processes,
personalised questioning and feedback both written and verbal.
• Termly celebrations of student’s personal achievement, we recognise personal best with head
teacher rewards and class displays.
• Planning that focuses on cultural capital; providing students with the opportunity to explore
local surroundings, visit ‘beauty spots’ and galleries which support their area of interest.
• A focus on developing and exploring sensory and fine motor skills through targeted
interventions along with planned lessons embedded in to the art curriculum.
• Lessons have clear objectives that embed the cycle of learning through research, exploring,
refining and creating. Lessons build on core skills needed to progress within design along with
developing transferable employability skills.
• Termly assessments fed back to students allowing both students and teacher to monitor
progress and inform planning and personalisation.

IMPACT of this curriculum design will lead to:
• Creative thinkers who are able to overcome challenges and frustration through exploration
and reflection.
• Transferable skills that can be used within the workplace.
• Developed fine motor and sensory skills.
• Core skills and techniques across a range of mix media within art and design.
• Achieve KS4 qualification related to art and design (Entry Level art, GCSE art and design)
• A positive relationship with their surroundings allowing them to enjoy their local area and
experience all that Bristol has to offer.

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